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Become an Inner Love Coach/Yogi

With Iya MahaliyaDara

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Become an Inner Love Coach!

Let me Tell You...

Doing this work is soooooo very rewarding. Immersing myself in devotion to Love (Bhakti Yoga) along with its study and pratice completely lights up my life, satisfies my soul and puts me in touch with the Love Goddess i really am. 

Steaping myself in Loving principles and devoting myself to a life of harmlessness (ahimsa Yogic principle) feeds something very fundamental in my Spirit. 

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Especially harmlessness in my close and intimate relationships. I mean lets face it, sometimes the kindest of people can play by a different set of rules in their romantic relationships. I have...and largely often unknowningly because of my own pain, fear and unconsciousness. One of my favorite things about myself is that when i met my favorite LOVE, i was ALREADY a practicing LOVE GODDESS in training. I so cared about sharing myself cleanly and purely and not letting any pain I might have cause harm to him. I wanted to (to the best of ny ability) not waiste any minutes not feeling good together. Now this was actually quite easy beacuse he is so precious to me and kind but still, i just cared being loving and doing no harm.

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Most people are in relationships and are quite broken. We need more love and healing before we can really wield our energy responsibly in intimacy with another.

Even for those who care to do no harm, they may not know exactly how to do that, and there are likely aspects operationg within that get in the way of harmony and intimacy.

The Mission, should you choose to accept it:

If this speaks to you, and you feel that immersing yourself in the world of Loving is your calling and Healing path, then you are in the right place.

I promise you, i have NEVER felt so SOFT, so SURRENDERED, so BEAUTIFUL and so at EASE and so CAPABLE as i do now that i know how to not only be loving, but also how to let love in.   


Inner Love Work (ILW) provides a systemized way of Guiding those you serve through an Introspective process. As a Coach in Training, you will undergo your own Introspective journey using this Love medicine and technology.

Exploring our Inner Landscape can be a vast and confusing process, but ILW provides a structured method to take on this Exploratory Transformative task into the Mystical unknown within.

I have been guiding students in One on One ILW and am now offering this modality to fellow practitioners who are called to guide others along their Healing Journeys.

• 4 weekend trainings, with Individual One on One Sessions with Iya during the week

• Experience Introspective Love Work for yourself and Explore your Own Inner Landscape

• Learn to deliver ILW effectively to clients

• Learn Basic Astrological and Numerological Principles

• Aquire another stream of Income!

• Make a Huge Difference!

ILW is a compliment to your Counseling, Coaching, Astrology, Wellness or Spiritual Private Practice. 

However it is not necessary that you already be in practice. If you are lead to this Love Work then join me.

This program is about training Loving & Empowered Leaders during this time of Divine Feminine Re-Awakening and ReBalancing of Power on the Planet.

I look forward to working with you.



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