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Libra New Moon Osun Love Letter Ritual and Oya Autumn Bliss Bath

· Spirituality

Libra Themes:




The Scales of Justice

Ruled by Planet Venus

Correlates with Oshun, Goddess of Love and Beauty

The Air element






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New Moon is a time to start a new cycle.

For this New Moon cycle consider embracing:





Libra corresponds with equal day and equal night.

Libra is represented by the scales~ Balance.

Libra is concerned with Justice and Harmony.

Libra is about our partner, partnership, equanimity.


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As ruled by Venus and Great Mother Osun, this is the time to begin anew regarding our loving and partnering.

What kind of partner are you?

What kind of partner would you like to share yourself with?

How do you do with cooperation and consideration?

Do you know how to feel relaxed when there is harmony?

Do you experience yourselfas a facilitator of harmony?

How is loving in your life?

Would you consider yourself as a Lover?

Do you see loving-kindness as strength or weakness?

How were loving and kind people treated in your life growing up?

If you were more aligned with your Loving nature, what would you start doing more of?




New Moon in Libra Osun Divine Love letter Ritual :

Light a yellow candle. Burn rose and or sandalwood oil or incense.

Play love Music.

1.) Write a love letter to Yeye Oshun (or whoever you view as the Spirit of love) thanking her for Love in your life and the lives of your loved ones. Get really specific. Ask her for guidance and blessings and protection as you seek to become the kind of Lover you know it's possible for you to be.

2.) Write your partner a Love Letter. (even if they have not manifested yet)

Profess your love and what you truly appreciate about them.

Drizzle honey and or sprinkle rose petals on your letters and place the candle on top.

Envision your favorite scene with you giving and receiving love, a scene of Bliss and Joy.


Know that everything has its appointed hour. It will ripen, it will flower. If it be late, then wait because its sure to come.



Oya Bliss Bath


Autumn is Mami Goddess Oya’s Season; and with her she brings the rains and the strong winds of change.

Often this transition from Late Summer to Autumn is challenging for some as we navigate the transition into the cooler months and less warmth and Sunlight.

There are many practices that I recommend we observe for ease of this transition, one being Spiritual Bathing 🧜🏾‍♀️

Spiritual Bathing has been practiced in all Indigenous Cultures and Spiritual Traditions.

The Healing Power of Water and how it changes vibrationally with utterances has now been proven scientifically.

Observe this simple way of bringing yourself inward toward your Divine Self and with it it’s Peace and clarity.


I hope you are feeling the evenness of this moment, the balance of yin and yang, dark light, masculine and feminine.

May this external balance easily facilitate a state of internal peace for us all ✨

I hope you are taking a moment for stillness to contemplate what you need as we go within for the cooler months



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