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Winter Solstice 2020

Galactic Alignments for Humanity and Hopefulness 

Winter Solstice and the 4 Corners of the Year

The four corners of the year are the 4 seasons. These seasons are heralded by the when the Sun enters the 4 Cardinal Signs of the zodiac (also called the Cardinal Cross) and we call those exact moments each year by the Solstices and Equinoxes.

Solstices with root word Sol meaning Sun, represent the Shortest Day of the year (when the Sun enters Capricorn, the first day of Winter ) and the Longest day of the year (When the Sun enters Cancer, the first day of Summer).

This year the Winter Solstice comes in at 5:03am EST on Monday, December 21 st. From the first Day of Winter, each day grows longer and so the celebration of the Return of the Sun (Son) is what Christmas and New Years are really based on.

Resolution and The Womb of the Year

As the shortest day of the year meaning the day with the least amount of light, we could say that this represents the "Womb of the Year". A time to go within, to slow down, to retreat, to sabbatical. It is my recommendation that we address any unfinished business, undelivered communications, unfullfilled obligations etc as going into the darkness with oneself will surely face us with the contents of the sub and unconscious. The time for "New Years Resolutions" and Fulfillment is now. Make your list and check it twice. Being Responsible is an important key to Happiness.

Lets clear the way for a beautiful journey into the Galactic Blackness of our own minds.

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Why everyones's talking about this upcoming Solstice

As seen above in this image the planets Saturn and Jupiter will conjunct and enter 0 degrees Aquarius at the exact moment of the Solstice which signifies some auspiciousness for our upcoming New Year. Saturn rules Capricorn (and co rules Aquarius) and so Saturn leaving Capricorn and entering Aquarius will have tremendous influence on the Solstice and upcoming year. Saturn is known as the task master who governs time, tradition, rules, limits, restriction and structure. Jupiter is know as the benevolent and rules abundance, expansion and good luck.

With these two conjunct at 0 degrees at the Solstice in the sign of Aquarius, we can expect that problems that have been plaguing humanity will be released, that Revolution will or has caused a shift toward the honoring of those less fortunate or less powerful which represent the greater part of the human family. Maybe new systems will be instituted that serve the greater good. Nonetheless there will likely be a release of Authoritarian power which has already been evidenced in the recent Presidential election results.

We will begin to feel the relief and release of what has been a deeply troubling year. All across the globe, humanity has largely felt taxed and as if it could take no more. This shift is coming as a huge blessing that promises to ease our hearts and minds.

This Solstice is coming in exactly conjunct Mercury which signifies that our thoughts and words will be of special import during this upcoming year. The energy supports an alignment between thoughts, word, heart and soul ie CLARITY. We would do well to make good use of this Ase' (spiritual energy).

In the African pantheon, Mercury represents Esu the Owner of the Crossroads, the Way maker and Deity who delivers our prayers to Oludumare (God). The position of Mercury at the the time of Solstice, suggests that Esu (pronounced Eshu) will be of particular import this upcoming year along with Orunmila (The Sun), Obatala (Jupiter), Babalu Aye (Saturn) and Yeye Oya (Pluto) .

This just in.

Late Morning December 21st

I wrote a post last night but these are coming in now.

The Air is new.

The displaced people are reclaiming their Indigenous Wisdom, Sciences and Technology and using them for their good.

We are receiving envisions and setting intentions and shifting ways of being that no longer serve us.

We are up early in prayer at the moment of Solstice. Thanks Iya D'lisa Osunbamileke!

We are shifting the space in our homes to accommodate the kind of expansion and abundance we are and expect to attract!

Can you feel it in the air?

Let’s Keep going!

Happy New Year!


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