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Blood is really Bone Water:

The Full Moon in Capricorn

· Spirituality

The Cap FULL Moon and its Medicine

This Full Moon Is about Blood (Cancer, Family ties) as held and carried over through time (Capricorn rules time and establishment) 

And in so Ancestry, Bloodline, Lineage and Legacy.

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  • Paternal Ancestors, Lineage, Bloodline
  • Establishing traditions that honor Ancestors, Elders, Woman, Children, Families
  • Emotional Boundaries
  • Career that Nourishes
  • Careers related to Women and Families
  • Enterprises of Nourishment (Food, Skin care business)
  • Nurturing Paternal figures. 
  • Balanced Paternal figures.
  • Ancestors and Ancestry.
  • Poise and Dignity in the face of Emotional unease.
  • Nourishing Minerals
  • Practicality in support of Emotionality
  • Rules in Design and Creativity 
  • Geology

Some Items for (especially Inner) examination at this time that could manifest if one is Out of Balance or not Feeling loved include but are not limited to:

  • Emotional Isolation
  • Disregard for Ancestry lineage legacy
  • Maintaining traditions that are harmful to Women, Children and Families
  • Arthritis, Constipation, Dry Skin resulting from a lack of Water and Soluble fiber.
  • Obstructions of the Womb and Water Organs ie Uterine Fibroids and Kidney stones
  • Financial/ Business Goals and pursuits of Reputation to the exclusion or at the expense of following the Path of Heart

Full Moons mark a fruition. New Moons mark a New start. Full Moons mark a time to revel and to celebrate. To celebrate the increase and the yield. A Full Moon is a great time to examine the Fullness of that which is manifest and measure it against what is desired. 

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How this Full Moon connects with the Summer Solstice and previous New Moon  

The most recent New Moon was in Gemini. Beginning a new cycle in how we think, what we say and why. At this Capricorn Full Moon we can examine our thoughts, words, logic and reasoning as it pertains to Capricorn/Cancer themes. 

Summer Solstice: Water, the Four Corners and the Mother element 

The four corners of the year are marked by the Sun's entrance into the cardinal signs. Spring Equinox (Sun enters Aries), Summer Solstice (Sun enters CAncer), Fall Equinox (Sun enters Libra) and Winter Solstice (Sun enters Capricorn).

As we have just observed the Summer Solstice (Sunday, June 20th) which is marked by the Sun entering the sign of Cancer and the longest day of the year, we are reminded that water is the most vast substance on our planet. Likewise Mother is the energy to be most honored as in her honor we honor our source and that which lovingly sustains us beyond that which we can sustain ourselves on our own. 

This Full Moon in Capricorn provides a balance point moment to the Cancer season. A moment to celebrate, appreciate and honor the Masculine Principle and its vital role in providing structure, protection and autonomy. With this Full Moon placement we see how the benevolent and healthy Divine Masculine energy is in full service to the Matrilineal, Divine Feminine and Family structures. Cap Full Moon energy is concerned with providing the structures that secure and nurture the Family unit.

It is my devotion from this point forward to connect the previous moon phase in with the current phase's writings. In this way I observe the 12 Medicines of the year as the interconnected and continuous thread they are instead of only static moments.

Cap Medicine and The Spirit of Stone 

What is the Spirit of stone?

Natural Stone isn’t made by engineers it's formed by water, minerals and lava over millions of years.

“Geologists study rocks to learn more about what happened in Earths past. Regular people appreciate rocks because they are useful practical and beautiful.”

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“Geology also helps us appreciate that every slab of stone offers a little glimpse into deep time and the dramatic forces that shape the planet.”

Categories of Natural Stone. (Above)

So what is the point here? The point is that Stone has been formed by tremendous heat and pressure (dramatic forces) over millions of years, is seemingly impenetrable, comprised of water, minerals and lava, yet impressionable by its environment so much so that reading and measuring its indentations tells the story of its surroundings. Can you see Capricorn and its rulling planet Saturn in this? Everywhere you see stone in this section substitute Capricorn or Father or Ancestors or Grandparents or Saturn.

Also if you do not have a Cap Sun, Moon, Rising or Venus dont worry. The "12 medicines" (I heard Black Indigenous Astrologer Cameron Allen use this terminology) are represented in each of us. 

Cap Full Moon Energy and Sex Medicine/Magick

A full Moon occurs of course when the Sun and Moon are directly facing eachother. 

Cancer is considered the Mother (Divine Feminine) of the Zodiac.

Capricorn is considered the Father (Divine Masculine) of the Zodiac.

Mother and Father facing eachother as in a dance or mating ritual.

Capricorn is known as being Primaly Carnal (Earthy/Tactile) in its Sensuality.

Cancer is known for being Primaly Sensitive (Watery/Emotional) in its Sensuality.  

The Medicine that is available with this combination is Sex Medicine/ Sex Magick as in using Sexual and Sensual energy to positively transfer emotion and to connect intimately. 

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The Sensual Arts are not for the sake of joyous physical release and joined celebration of body temples only but for:

(1.)  becoming a portal by which humans are incarnated into this realm (as in, in the act of creation/ conception).

(2.) for Holistic bonding and Intelligent Connection.

Capricorn Full Moon Sex Magick/ Medicine is the opportunity for engaging in this Primal dance as a Full On/ Embodied expression of and in cultivation of True and Direct Intimacy. Intimacy from which legacies are born, handed down and preserved throughout our bloodlines.

Dont cheat yourself. Treat Yourself. LOL!

Happy Cap Full Moon!

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My Work is in applying Indigenous Wisdom and Practical Feminine Mysticism to reawaken and reinvigorate the Love Goddess within, to bring those I serve closer to living the truth of the Self as SoulForce Being by providing an atmosphere and a system (complete with products and services) which aid in removing barriers to Love and Inner Peace. My most popular offering is my One on One Guided Introspective Love Spiritual Coaching System in which one is guided through a process of self discovery. I am an Initiated Priestess, Licensed Bodywork Professional and Certified Yoga Instructor. My formal training is in Indigenous Spirituality, Medical Massage, Mayan Abdominal Massage, Reiki and Yoga. I am a self taught Sared Space Interior Designer as well as an Astrologer. I offer Astro Divination Readings and an Astro 101 Course. I host monthly Goddess gatherings as well as workshops, retreats and custom Sacred Ceremonies including, Birth Blessingways, Bridal Blessings and WaistBeading Parties.

This work is my life, my honor, my joy