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~Whole Goddess Sessions~

a Holistic Indigenous approach to Divine Feminine WellBeing

· Spirituality,Wellness

Greetings my fellow Divine Feminines!

It's a New Day here at this golden Goddess temple!

Announcing that moving forward, in my Private Practice, I will be doing away with “ala carte” services and pricing in favor of a more Holistic Indigenous Model. 

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Sessions will be scheduled for 90min or so and in that time a one might receive any necessary combination of the following services: 

#WombMassage, #SoundBathing , #GuidedMeditation, #WombReiki #GuidedVisualization, #AstroDivination, #WombYoga, #Kinesiology #CookingDemo #ChakraBlancing,  #GoddessLivingConsultation, #Prayer, #YogaDance #SpiritualConsultation #SacredMovement #SacredSpaceGoddess consultation, #Aromatherapy etc. 

I will no longer scheduling for the typical 30 or 60min nassage or Astrology etc. sessions.

Instead, whatever of my products, services and expertise that you require holistically is what will occur during your Whole Goddess session. 

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If you would like to ONLY have bodywork , NO PROBLEM, then you can see me offsite in Cockeysville where I see clients 2 days a week. 

My niche is Divine Feminine Healing including #InnerLoveWork, all things #WombWellness and #Reclamation of our Indigenouswisdom and heritage including Sacred Feminine Mysticism, Rituals and Practices and #goddesslifestyle products, services. 

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You might consider coming to me if you are wanting a closer walk with Spirit. 

You might come and see me if you want clarity along your path.

You might come and see me if you are suffering from PMS, Infertility or Uterine Fibroids.

If you are having Self Esteem issues. 

If you'd like to cultivate Inner Peace.

If you ruin or sabotage your romantic relationships. 

If you want a relationship with your Ancestors. 

If you are getting married, currently pregnant or just had a baby and would like to have Sacred Ceremony.  

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If you are having Relationship issues. 

If you are with child and looking for a #Doula

If you are not feeling at home in your skin or in your life. 

If you want to discover your voice, creativity or find your Purpose. 

Wanting to connect with the Goddess within. 

Wanting to know yourself as a Soul Force Being.

Tired of being Too Much for your own self! Lol

All #TooMuchCrew members who are ready to blossom into the #SoMuchCrew that you know you're meant to be,

Come see me, Sis. 

Be exceedingly well.

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