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Ring Of Fire Solar Eclipse, Gemini New Moon and Mercury Retrograde

· Spirituality
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Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse happens from 4:12 am to 9:11 am EST.

In Baltimore the Sun rises at 5:39 am

When the Sun rises it will be already in the process of being eclipsed.

Solar Eclipses occur during certain New Moons following Lunar Eclipses when the relative trajectories of Earth, Moon and Sun align at what is called the ecliptic.

This Solar eclipse is also conjuct Mercury which is retrograde in Gemini.

Gemini is about thought, mind, logic, information, travel.

The Opportunity of this New Moon is to enjoy the delights of a well landscaped mind.

We are not our mind. 

The mind is something we have. 

Its best that we take good care of what is under our charge. 

It is best that the mind be under the conscious direction of the Soul. 

Its best that logic and thought be ordered and nourished by our Soul Force which is who we really are.

This is a good time to "order" and organize one's mind.

You are not your thoughts. You dont have to believe everything that you think.

Feed your mind a nutritious diet of healthy thoughts.

Establish a Definite Chief Aim and select your thoughts accordingly

I like the way Joseph Rodrigues deals with the mind. Check out his videos

Be Quiet so that you can hear what is going on in your mind and then clean it up.

Practice the Urban Silent retreat and observe silence for a whole day or more.

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Instead of initiating or partcipcting in important or heated conversations, write down your thoughts or what you think you want to say.

Ask yourself is what you want to say is necessary or loving.

Ask yourself if the conversation has to happen now.

Meditate. Guided Mediatation. Chants. Mantras. Afirmatu

Move your body.

Get Loved.

Be Loving.

This is definitely a thinking , talking, communicating moment. 

This moment is what Mindfulness is all about. 

This is the best time to order and organize your mind.

What is your mind about? 

What are you feeding it? 

What kinds of thoughts are you nourishing your mind with? 

Be quiet so that you can hear what is going on in your mind and then clean it up before you express. 

Speak deliberately from a Loving and SoulForce centered place. 

It could seem paradoxical that I’m saying in one post “be quiet” and then in another referring to this as a “talking time”

Let your SoulForce’s direction Organize your mind such that when you speak your words are clear and have the intended impact.

Otherwise this could be a time of flailing, empty expression. And for what? To what end? 

We want to know and be guided by the proper purpose for/ of our communication. 

The tongue is mightier than the sword.

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