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Defining One's Self for One's Self:

Aries New Moon Envisionings


Inspirational AstroDivination for this New Moon

updated 4/1/2022

This New Moon Comes in Friday April 1st, 2:24am EST

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The Outer and Inner unite to bring us into Resonance with the Fiery Will of the True Self.

Receive the impulse to bring the Ego under the conscious direction of the Soul.

Who am I?

I am the Soul

The Indwelling Intelligence

The Conscious Observer

The Allower

I am Presence

I am Pure Consciousness

I am Soul Force Being

I am Soul Essence

I am not my Mind

I am not my Thoughts

I am not my Body

Who am I in the world? 

How congruent is who I am in the world with my Inner World?

What is my Persona?

What is my purpose?

What is the Purpose of my Persona?

My Persona is only as useful as it is a function of my Higher Will.

The Best and Highest purpose of a Persona is for it to act as an appropriate vessel through which I (the Soul) can smoothly present myself (my purpose) to and interact with the world.

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Commentary On the Evolutionary path of Aries (the archetypal Self/ Soul/ Warrior aspect of us all.

I could not have expressed these notions better myself so here is an extended excerpt fro Guru Rattana

Excerpted from Guru Rattana PHD "Aries' Path 

Aries' path is to consciously evolve from a superficial and external definition of self to deeper inner Soul identity. Aries' path is to move from the definition of self as a body and a personality to the realization that he is in fact an eternal being. The search for his true Self requires an honest and relentless exploration of his psyche and a conscious relationship with his instinctual energies.

Aries' goal is to develop a persona, which is an effective, positive medium through which he can present himself to the world. The Ram's life long task is to cultivate a self-expression, which genuinely represents his Soul. His life experiences will always accurately, and many times painfully, demonstrate that a superficial mask cannot camouflage hidden and unconscious aspects of his psyche. The Ram's persona will always reflect his inner reality. Through honest self-inquiry, the Ram can cultivate a statement of himself to the world that speaks for his soul, and declare his role that is in alignment with his destiny path.

Aries motivating urge is to explore and to conquer. Aries' path is to develop a sense of will and to direct it toward purposeful activities. The "Just do it!" Ram makes things happen. The question for the Ram is how will it use its fiery, aggressive energy. Will it provoke accidents, arguments or wars or will it fearlessly step forward as an undaunted leader guided by the Truth? The answer depends on his conscious awareness of Self. Is the Ram driven by a hotheaded ego or is he guided by his intuition and Soul?

The Ram always stands in a precarious balance between his outer and inner worlds. His ability to maintain this balance depends upon how accurately his persona reflects who he really is.

As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries teaches us that we must first find ourselves, if we are to successfully negotiate life. Aries' challenges and lessons include self-expression, autonomy, identity and self-mastery."

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The Invitation: Define yourself as the True Divine Self, The Soul

This New Moon is about beginning a New Cycle as we truly are. No masks, no pretenses, rather pure being radiating full of purpose and inspiration. The opportunity is to find value in the true self rather than in outer accomplishment or what is considered meaningful or valuable to others. Who are you for and to you? at your core when no one is around. What gives your journey, your existence, meaning and purpose? 


Defining One's Self for One's Self

Though I am not my body, I chose to incarnate into one...ths one. This Body is energetically and biologically linked to a particular experience on this planet and in this dimension. Surely, I chose this experience intentionally and in so doing I intended to move Humanity forward THROUGH the experience of being a wombman of color.

As a Indigenous Aboriginal (AfroNatiVedic) wombman i have had an ineresting experience of "Identitity" to say the least. From the First Nation, Carribean, African and Irish of my personal linaege to the stories, lies and true histories of how people who look like me have come to be in this hemisphere, there is indeed a vaste amount of information to sift through.

What's been interesting and most satisfying is the very deeply personal unfolding of the depth of myself as i just allow myself to feel and to resonate with what vibrates in my Soul.

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Without (conscious) prior knowledge of my Ancestry, i naturally have gravitated toward certain Spiritual and cultural practices among the Indigenous of the Earth. As i have accepted these inclinations within myself and chosen to honor them and live them out, a mystical experience has begun to unfold. Herein lies the Beauty of my personal (yet Ancestral) Reclamation journey. I have always been drawn to East Africa and what is known as India. My birth name is Kenya so my parents did good listening to who I am and what i might come here to do. Kenya while being a Beautiful countryon the Equator is in East Africa. Well among MANY unEarthings that connect me to these regions, I recently saw an image of women in Somalia. I was blown away by the uncanniness of their attire and the "way" i wear clothing, fabrics and adornments. It was a really emotional moment for me, given that for all of my life i had looked so "out of place" in my surroundings. I will definetly visit Somalia and Kenya to see and feel what resonates in my Soul.

AfroNatiVedic (a word i put together) is my most current expression of what i know of my lineage and what resonates deeply within as evidenced in what flows from me as naturally as water from a spring.

Honor your leanings as they are likely leading you home to yourself.

More to come on this... 


Envisionings for the New Moon

"Soul Energy Grounds Me"

"Fiery Soul resonance radiates within me"

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Rising Ori Prayer (Daily Attunement to the Soul/ True Self)

Each day, as soon as you realize you are awake place your hands over your head and pray/affirm something like this:

”I am Soul. I am Divine Consciousness. I am not my Ego/Mind rather I am loving and benevolent presence. I am the in-dwelling intelligence that has a Mind and Body. Today, as I go forth, I do so under the direction and protection of the Divine as my Soul, my truest self, who I really am. And so it is.”