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Full Moon Spiritual Bathing Ritual

Lunar Wind and Water Medicine/ Oya and Chango Medicine

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Full Moon: a Dynamic time for the Human

The Full Moon is a time when the Sun and Moon are "Opposing" eachother with Earth being in the center. This dynamic configuration creates a particular gravitational pull on the Earth and heightens the Gravitational pull the Moon exerts. Hence there are usually greater winds, rain and higher tides.

As we are made mostly of water, these greater forces are experienced within. These dynamic forces result in hormonal and psychological shifts which are not always experiences so smoothly. Hence increased admittance rates in Jails, Labor Wards and Mental Institutions.

That being said, it's a good idea for us to harness these Forces of nature and intentionally immerse ourselves in them as a way to harmonize with and harness their energy within.

We can take advantage of the promptings of the universe and Mother Nature and ritualize sound celestial tides, especially as a way of staying grounded and connected. This staying connected to nature assists us with tuning and calibrating hormonally and can help keep away depression and anxiety.

The Rain Bath/ Rain Dance Ritual

Method 1: Actually Dance out in the Rain

While it is actively raining, put on your bathing suit and go out and let the waters wash over you! We usually seek shelter from the rain but its actually good medicine to interact with and embrace the naturalness of our environment.

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Method 2: Cathching/ Charging Moon Water.

Either "catch" some of the rain that falls during the Full Moon or if you are not able to (or if it doesn't rain) place water outside at night during the Full Moon. Place water for drinking and for bathing.

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The next morning rinse the Charged Full Moon Water over your head and body at the end of your shower or if you've collected enough, bathe and rinse solely in the water.

Say prayers over yourself during this delightful shower and do it outside if you are able to.

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Harness Full Moon Water every month for drinking (purified water that you place out in Full Moonlight) bathing, nourishing your houseplants and charging your crystals.

The Wind Bath/ Wind Dance

Go outside intentionally for the purpose of letting the wind wash over your face and body.

Give thanks for change and transformation.

Pray for stability and flexibility with the winds of change.

Dance and Spin around in the wind and harness its energy and let it invigorate your Soul.

Let the Wind remind you of the intangible Power that is You.

Let the Wind refresh and enliven your Mind, moving and shaking up thought forms that no longer serve you.

Let the Full Moon Wind catalyze thought forms that serve your highest good and hold them inside the eye of the storm (so to speak) with you as you travel through life's journeys.

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Oya and Shango Medicine

Subscribe below to my Blog as I will be adding more to this post regarding the Great Orishas Oya and Shango and their esoteric relationship and correlation to the Wind and Rain.

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