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Announcing! Weekly in person FemBodyBliss Yoga classes!!!

Opening Class and Reception Wednesday July 13th 6-7:30pm

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Greetings Beloveds!

I am super excited to announce that I'll be teaching FemBodyBliss Sensual Womb Vinyasa weekly and in person for #WombWednesdays at Michele Blu Yoga & Art Studio!!!

All my literal hopes and dreams!!!

This offering is such an important component of my assignment and destiny as a Community Priestess of Osun. My Osun loves Yoga and communicated to me that is is important not only to her but for my personal and Anestral Healing. It would be years later, while studying research on Yoga written by BIPOC scholars that I would learn of the fact that Hatha yoga comes from the word Hathor or Het Heru (the Kemetic Deity of Love) which is also Osun...How Divine. So Yoga is Reclamation Medicine for us as its grouped under the PLETHORA of things the people of color have originated and contributed to society but the credit or recognition has been kept from us.

What exactly is FemBodyBliss?

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FemBodyBliss is a sensual vinyasa style wombcentric yoga practice that cultivated and celebrates Divine Feminine Energy and Inner Love awareness.

I have been a dancer, martial artist and certified bodyworker from forever. My first take on this was called "The Juicy Joysplash" (around 2009) which I developed for women who wanted to learn to move well in their bodies. As i have gotten formally trained as a Yoga instructor in the past few years and deepened my womb wellness work, i have begun to experiece an expansion in my personal Yoga practice and a clearer picture of what I'm called to offer the world.

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As I have combined my years of study and experiece with my personal healing journey and training FemBodyBliss has emerged. It is based on the Malasana or Yogini Squat, a primal and key yoga pose for feminine vitality. FemBodyBliss focuses especially on the womb, hips and glutes as important centers and stabilizers of Divine Feminine Energy. The class is set to sensuous tunes. There are asanas that resemble Hatha and Kemetic yoga, some Dance/Yoga fusion, Mudra and Mantra Yoga, Pranayama (Breathwork, Sound Bathing, Aromatherapy and Abhyanga (warm oil massage with medicinal oils).

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This Womb Healing is for the Mamas in my bloodline who suffered various Womb afflictions and assaults on their vulnerability and hence could not in-joy their Divine Feminine Osun Energy...especially for Grandma Annie...I gotchu Mama

Deep bows of gratitude to Queen Mama Afua for leading the modern charge to #WombWellness

Join me this upcoming Wednesday July 13th for Opening class and Refreshments!!!

For a limited time, ill be offering the class at the promo rate of $15. The regular cost is $25


Michele Blu Yoga and Art Studio Official Kemetic Yoga Skills Studio 526 Oldham Street Baltimore Maryland

Much Joy and Ease to you and yours and i hope to see you Wednessday

Satnam (means your name is truth or you are the true Self)

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