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How to Meditate like a "G" (Goddess)

Interactive in-person Workshop

· Spirituality,Wellness
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This 2 hour Interactive Immersive Workshop is sweeping the nation (in my imagination) and it’s made just for you! 

People are lining up to experience How to Meditate like a G and I’m already getting requests to train facilitators worldwide (in my imagination) lol 

How to Meditate like a “G” is designed to guide especially those who have had difficulty establishing a Meditation practice ✨


Workshop Objectives:

Participants will learn the aspects of the Mind and Consciousness and how they function.

Participants will identify/ discover barriers to relaxation, presence and being.  

Participants will learn various Meditation techniques and their unique benefits.  

Participants will interact with various Meditative modalities to establish which are most enjoyable, effective, resonant. 

You will not only have fun but you will leave empowered with the necessary tools to immediately begin a successful Meditation practice, to stop obsessive thinking, to invite deep relaxation and to feel more peaceful within.

This workshop takes place in person at AfroGoddess Temple and is limited to 7 participants