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Love, Power and the Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 2022


· Spirituality

Channeled Messages for the Oya Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 🖤

Know and Live in the fact that your value is not in things but rather in you 

Dont do anything to be attractive to your beloved accept deepen into yourself 

Don’t divest from your depth and core in order to become more desireable to anyone.

There is hardly anything you can do to be less appealing or interesting to your True Love and Divine Mate

Stop hiding behind what you have and be who you are. u

Cultivate deep inner intimacy.

Stop pretending and manipulating to get seen or feel loved as your True Love does not require ANYTHING of you.

Your True Love is DESIGNED to ADORE you, NATURALLY.

If you are picking your lover apart, they may not be your True Love.

STOP picking at them and get on your Inner Love journey so that you can get clean and clear about firstly yourself. 

When you find your person, you will ONLY want to ADORE them.

Set this person that you are picking apart FREE.

Go WITHIN. Your person is there. When you GO WITHIN you will see Your actual person more CLEARLY. 

In order to LOVE DEEPLY, One necessarily needs the the courage to STOP filling the space with just anyone. 

To stop using romance with whomever as a distraction from Deep Inner Work. 

I know what is driving you. What you are obsessed with…afraid of.


Because as you are practicing choosing yourself, you are beginning to live the felt experience of the fact that you and your BELOVED are ONE 🖤

The Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will occur at 12:15am Monday, May 16th


Happy first Lunar Eclipse of the Year🤍

Happy Divine Love Portal🤍 

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is a Gateway opening within the broader Divine Love Portal of 2022 which opened on April 12 when Jupiter and Neptune became conjunct in Pisces which has not happened since the 1800’s and will not occur again until 2188

It’s a BIG DEAL🤍

Channeled Message: Conceive of and Envision a scene of your wish fulfilled regarding Deep Love, Spiritual Gifts, Courage and Power🤍 

Saturate yourself with the feeling of ABSOLUTE POWER and ENVISION what you would use it for 🖤

Acknowledging that you have ACCESS to POWER, is the beginning of wielding your ASE’ (Spiritual Energy/Power) responsibly 🖤

Most of us have a defunct relationship with Power…

we think it’s bad or we are drunk with it 🖤

There’s NOTHING cute about not owning YOUR POWER and allowing all manner of wahala (kaos) “happen” to you. 🖤

Using Power over others for fun or personal gain is also a fruitless pursuit and leaves the wielder feeling empty and unfulfilled 🖤

Owning one’s Power, using it to align with LOVE toward Soul alignment, Personal and Ancestral Healing are appropriate uses of Power 🖤

It is at which time one can inspire others toward Full Loving Self Empowerment and Fulfillment🖤

This is one of the many ways Oya and Osun work together 🧜🏾‍♀️

Happy Divine Love Portal Gateway opening Day!!! 

Beautiful Art from @brownbohemians ‘s page 


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