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Inner Work and World Peace

#InnerWorldPeace #IntrospectiveLoveWork

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I had a beautiful coaching session with a student yesterday.

I was encouraging her to expand and connect her lived experience and innate gifts with her schooling and acquired credentials.

This conversation further lead me to the following (an explosion in my mind at Midnight that night 🙄😂☺️):

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Inner Work leads to World Peace.

World Peace is a Macrocosm of Inner Peace .

Engaging in Introspective Love Work ie acquainting one with ones Inner landscape and Inner dynamics.

Discovering “selves” that are developed and ones that are not, evolved and not, healed and stuck in trauma loops, spiritual and carnal, creative and business minded, family oriented and individualistic.

Surely these inner dynamics precipitate our external experience.

As we address our own multiplicities and dualities surely we are working toward massaging ourselves into Inner Union which then must reflect in our outer experience.

And so Inner Work effects how we create and relate to the outer world.

Inner Peace as a function of and precipitator of World Peace ✨🤍✨

I see an ongoing and larger body of work emerging here.


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Introspective Love Work