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Pisces New Moon Envisionings 2021

New Moon conjunct Neptune and Venus

· Spirituality

Astrologically Speaking

Comes in at 5:20am EST March 13th 2021

As Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, and precedes Spring (Aries the first Sign), all of the other signs deposit into this final place. When we have done our work, tended to our vibration and are living a Heartfull Love centered life, this space of the unmanifested can really be a joyful playground.

This particular New Moon comes in Conjunct Neptune/ Olokun and Venus/ Oshun! Its a Big Deal!

The Moon and Venus are both "Inner" Planets while Neptune and the Sun are Outer planets .This brings the energies of outer planets more deeply onto our personal experience and hence presents a serious opportunity for expansion.

Neptune is the planet that rules Pisces. So the New Moon is Conjunct its own Planetary Ruler and Venus, Powerful! The energy of Compassion, Unconditional Love, Joy, the Healer and the Spiritual, of Dreams and Imagination, of Fashion and Creativity, Psychism and Emotionality are on Super Fleek!

Super High Abundant Creative & Love Energy!

This Portal presents an opportunity to line up with unfathomable wealth from The Owner of the Seas and the Owner of Unbounded Sweetness Joy and Unconditional Love!!!

This New Moon invites us to plunge into our Inner Depths and mine the gems among the dross. To turn toward the true depths of out Soul and to allow the balm of Pure Agape Love to nourish our Hearts and Minds.

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Of course they're are downsides to Neptunian and Venusian energy that will surely plague if we're not feeling full; such as , delusions, confusion and depression or escapism via overindulgence in drugs or alcohol.

Note: If you are feeling troubled, I encourage you incorporate the following into your practice for the next 7 days (at least) as the Deep Water energy can be consuming depending on the murkiness of our sub/unconscious and/ or what tools we employ to navigate this realm.

Give yourself something to focus upon to make good use of the potential of this tremendous creative energy.

If you are plagued with negative thoughts and emotion then focus upon Healing Relaxing Music or nature Sounds, a Mandala or a Chant and keep bringing yourself back to it.

You can chant the envisionings I’ve shared in the Post 🤗

This is a great time for Prayer, Meditation and Water Ritual.

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Note: Pisces is sensitive, succeptable and open to impressions. This quality of Neptune and Pisces can be best used when we intentionally vision and introduce the kind of information and stimuli which feeds our soul. Empathy runs super high as the lines where you end and others begin, is easily non existent. Use this energy wisely and dont discount how effected by others you are at this time.

Pisces/ Olokun/ Neptune themes: Deep Sea Exploration of inner treasures, The Spiritual Realm, The Unseen, The Mystical, Dreams and Imagination, Deep water, Hidden Treasures, The Subconscious. The Unconscious, That which is hidden, Music, Art, Compassion, Osmosis.

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Practical Feminine Mysticism & Envisionings for this New Moon

"I Flow the Resonance of Acceptance"~ Sika

When people share themselves with me, I beam love and acceptance their way knowing that it is more important that they feel loved than that I report my opinions.

"I Resonate Powerful Big Mama Love & Energy"~ Mama Ndanu

I accept the invitation to shed old patterns and to go deeper into embodying the energy of Mothering.

"I Resonate as a Vessel of Love, Sweetening the Primordial Waters of my Ancestry"~ Iya Jah Oyadara Osuntola

I embody the Sweetness, Love and Kindness I always needed.

Sacred Space

This particular New Moon invites us to address the "waters and hidden" spaces of our homes.

Clean out your refrigerator and even pull it out from the wall and clean underneath.

Clean out and organize your closets and basement. Be sure that your basement is dry.

Crystals for this New Moon

Work with Citrine and Amber to work with Osun/ Venus energy and Rose Quartz to connect with The Big Water energy of Neptune/ Olokun. Using crystals and the envisionings will help you carry the vibration of this potent celestial moment deeper into yourself and hence your daily experience.

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Monthly New Moon Envisionings and Full Moon Awakenings

We’re doing a thing these days .

We’re meeting at the exact time of the Celestial Event.

To tune ourselves to our Earth’s Natural rhythms.

We’re interrupting artificial time.
In time we expect to notice evidence of feeling closer to nature ...

Resulting in increased internal harmony and ease of personal joy and power.