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The Soul Goddess' Guide to Seasonal Wellness: Pre Spring Nutritional Adjustment Tips

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The first day of Spring is in 5 days and it’s the perfect time to begin adjusting your diet.

If you observe the following tips, you should be ready to join me in a 24hr Liquid Fast/ Cleanse/ Detox in observance of the Spring Equinox

You don’t want to just jump into a fast or detox without proper preparation.

Ways to prepare:

Increase your water intake. I pray you are drinking “good” water that is molecularly sound and making it’s way into your beautiful cells. When we are properly hydrated we also experience less cravings✨
(Inbox me if you’d like to come and pick up some of the Kangen Alkaline water i use 😉)

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Increase Nutritional intake:

Increase Fresh Fruits and Veggies. Add fresh pressed juice and Super Foods such Flax seeds, Goji berries, Spirulina, Bee Pollen etc. to your diet.

Reduce Meats, Sweets and Processed Foods.

Begin a Meditation practice: Even if it’s just 15min at Sunrise and Sunset 🌅 . This will help your Mind/ Body adjust to a decrease in stimulation or else they could bug you during your fast lol 😂

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We’ll discuss more practices and observances for this Seasonal shift in a few days.


(Disclaimer: None of these tips are meant to replace guidance from your Wellness/ Medical professional if you have particular disharmonies you are being treated for. Seek guidance from your trusted and sound Practitioner 😉)
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Note: We cannot separate food, diet and nutrition from culture, biology and lifestyle. Hence, whatever your Ethnicity, Race etc., You would do well to adhere to experts that acknowledge that genetics effects how bodies respond to various substances.

Up Next: The Spring Detox/ Cleanse/ Fast

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