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Astrology, Sacred Space and Shakti Fire Bath Ritual for the Spring Equinox 2021

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Astrologically Speaking

The Sun enters Aries~ Happy Spring! Happy New Year!

Comes in at 8:44am est. on Saturday, March 20th. This moment is marked by the Sun entering the Zodiacal Hemisphere known as Aries. Aries is the 1st of the zodiac signs and so we arrive at the beginning of the Zodiacal New Year.

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The Four Corners of the Year~ The Equinoxes and the Solstices

The Equinoxes and Solstices mark the four corners of the year as marked my when the sun enters each of the four cardinal signs of the zodiac: Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra. The Day the Sun enters Aries is also marked by equal day and equal night; hence the "Equinox" (which literally means "equal night"). From this day forward, each day will continue to grow longer and longer until we reach the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice which is also the first day of Cancer.

Aries, Mars and Ogun

Spring marks the turning point in the year when there are more daylight hours and warmer temperatures. Aries’ ruling planet is Mars and is often represented by the Ram, with its fiery and confrontational nature. Some of its keywords include: Confidence, Courage, Passion, Sexual Energy, First, Warrior, Competition and Self. Aries’ color is Red and it’s shades including Oranges. Aries rules the head. It’s Orisha correlate is Ogun the God of Iron, Medicine and Weaponry. This is a good time to begin a more rigorous fitness regiment or to take up a Martial Art!

All the Feels

Warmth, Movement, Mojo and Balance

The Sun is shining, the birds are chirping and we certainly are feeling the shift of more exposure to warmth and light in our bodies. Our cells are thawing and ready to move faster as prompted by increased warmth. Quite naturally there is an increase in circulation and endorphins and hence libido. Flowers are blooming and the grass is growing; all contributing to the burst of freshness and Eros we are all enjoying.

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With the day and night being equal, we are also called into balance, a kind of still point. So if you find yourself bouncing off the walls with excitement and activity, be prepared for the following crash and chill.

Practicing Balance

I practiced balance today. I awakened to find an unexpected payment in my bank account. I could have gone on a spending spree but I chose to invest time into my vitality by observing a Yoga practice. Do you see the balance in that? Passively receive abundance; actively invest discipline. For some reason, it just made sense. Even as I'm writing this after a full day of doing, I feel the slight soreness in my quads and I'm quite satisfied with the investment I made into myself today.

Fast, Detox, Cleanse for Vitality

Observing a Cleanse of some kind is a great way to bring in the New Season. Due to the warmer weather we can eat cooler foods and decrease our caloric intake more safely than when we are subject to colder weather. Observing dietary changes at the change of Seasons can help our bodies adjust hormonally and facilitate smoother moods and metabolism.

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Ways of Observing a 24hour Fast, Detox, Cleanse

1.) Fast on Raw Foods

2.) Fast on Liquids ie Water, Smoothies, Teas

3.) Fast on Water Only

Disclaimer: This is not meant to replace professional medical advice. If you have pre existing medical conditions always consult your Health Practitioner before making an changes to your diet

Sacred Space for the Equinox

Spring Cleaning and Organizing

Okay it’s Spring Cleaning Time! Yay! It’s time to put those heavy blankets and curtains away and bring out the lighter, brighter colors and fabrics. It’s time to change the throw pillows. It’s time to get some fresh flowers and to repot and fertilize your plants.

It’s time to dust and to organize. It’s time to incorporate your sensual florals such as Lilac, Hydrangea and Tulip which all bloom in Spring. Invite the effervescence of this time in with your candles, soaps and oils. Bring those pastels and jewels tones in and

lift, brighten and shift the energy in your Home Temple or Workspace!

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Shakti Fire Bath Ritual: Feed Your Inner Fire


Yoga Mat/ Meditation Cushion

Red, Orange and Yellow Candles

Singing Bowl/ Drum

Sensual Tribal Music

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1.) Start Sensual/ Tribal Music and Light the Candles exactly at 8:44am EST if you can.

2.)Sit and focus on the flames.

3.)Fire Bath: Once you feel calm and present, run your hands through the flames and then rub your body from head to toe, bathing in the fiery warmth.

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4.)Imagine your fierce and fiery Self, your warrior nature, the inner Shakti. Use the colors red, orange and yellow and the feeling of intensity to help you.

5.)Bring the energy into a form, be it a version of you, an animal etc.

6.)Once the image is clear in your mind, Introduce Movement to the body and dance/move with/as your Fierce nature, Be it yoga, swaying, dancing or play your hand drum. Let the rhythm of the music carry you away. Let the movement become more rigorous. Bring yourself to a sweat.

7.) Cool Down by decreasing the momentum. Return to your seat.

8.)Play your singing bowl, as you let your breath return to normal.

9.) Sahu/Sivasana (Mummy/Corpse Pose)~ Lie comfortably on your back foe as long as you'd like, support legs and head if need be and cover with a blanket. Let the mind and body go and just go within and "be"

10.) Bring Your Awareness back into the room. Rise. Return to a seated posture.

11.) Close, Reflect, Hydrate

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