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It's My 4year Priestessversary!

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At this time 4yrs ago, I was being consecrated into what would be the best of the rest of my life. 

Consecrated as who I’ve always been, but now in submission to a process, a system, a Priestly lineage that would expand who I would know myself to be. 

The MOST IMPORTANT thing about studying to become and initiating as Priest is one’s PERSONAL HEALING and DEVELOPMENT. One’s return to the SOULFORCE ESSENCE that they were born as and then a PRESCRIPTION for a SMOOTH, UNOBSTRUCTED and BLISSFUL road to the FULFILLMENT of ONE’s DESTINY as an extension of and Healing for one’s bloodline. 

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It is through this consecration in IFA Indigenous African Spirituality that ALL OTHER offerings and gifts of mine are becoming ACTIVATED/ ELEVATED. 

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This tuning to my ORI, DESTINY and HEAVENLY HELP is completely and utterly INCALCULABLE in its subsequent effect on my QUALITY of LIFE.

It is from this place, this place of consecrated and continued expansion that I am available and capable to be of service to others. 

I am Iya Oyadara Osuntola Aduke (the beautiful Oya, the wealthy Osun, offspring of Kind Hearted People) aka Iya MahaliyaDara🌻

To the staff of my initiation: 

My GodMother and Oluwo Yeye (Chief) IfaDoyin and My Ojubona (Oluwo’s assistant) Iya Oyagbemi Osundara (Navasha Daya)

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As wellm as honorary Priestesses attendees/ assistants Elder Iya Osunremi, Iya IfaOkunola Omialadura 

, Iya Ifadara Osunbola Osunsaanya, Iya Kenya Osunremilekun 

, Iya Yewande’ 

and Aborisha Dr. Dawn 

To my Egun who lead the way and demanded their progeny’s HEALING and installment in her RIGHTFUL place among the Honored Ones, my Great Grandmother Dorothy Gamble Stevenson and my Mom Glynnis Alena Anderson Gladden. UNENDING SALUTES AND EVER DEEPENING BOWS OF GRATITUDE ✨🙏🏾✨

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