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Mahaliya: My Cherokee/Choctaw name

Reclaiming my Bloodline's lost and stolen legacy

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Pictured is my Lead Ancestor 

Greatmother Dorothy Gamble Stevenson, 

A Native Indian of Annapolis, MD. As of this article, her tribe is unknown but im on the case.

Ive been doing Reclamation work.

Grandmother Walks on Water (formerly Mama Nata’ska Humminbird) is my Teacher.  She, along with messages from my Ancestors and stories from my Elders, is leading me in the work of Reclaiming my Indigenous Culture, Heritage, Language and Wise Ways. She is a Powerhouse.

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This WombMoon is an Amazing Singer, Storytelling, Culture Keeper, cofunder of WombWorks Production and Warrior of the Choctaw Nation. 

She has sang and toured with the likes of Sammy Davis Jr., Stevie Wonder and other Legendary artists of her time. She is a Sweatlodge leader and in fact i have sweat in lodge with her. It was truly life changing. 

In 2016, as I was in training to become a Priest in an African Indigenous Spiritual lineage, I kept having this feeling/ vision of re-claiming/learning my family’s Indigenous Indian Heritage, in a one on one setting with an elder; and having that Elder observe me and grant me my First Nation Name. Thereby “Initiating” me into a more Whole Self as my “Red Blood” has been Boiling for some time. 

Side note: my close Maternal and Paternal Ancestors are First Nation but their language, customs and ways had mostly been stripped. However my Great Great Grandmother Esther James, a South Carolina Cherokee, had maintained some culture and connection. An aunt told me of her this year. 

A few weeks ago Grandmother Walks on Water named me (my work) Mahaliya . 

She said "I just keep hearing Mahaliya” ma`ha`lee`ya 

She went on to share with me of the Strength and Beauty of Mahalia Jackson and that I and my work bring that to mind for her. 

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SideNote: I added the “y” in Mahaliya as I felt it’s resonance with JahAfiya (a Spirit name I had given myself many years ago. )

She told me of the might and power of the late and Great Mahalia Jackson (may Mami God and the Ancestors be pleased with her Soul.) 

Mahalia Jackson was a thunderous Gospel singer. Her “way” really moved people and stirred emotion in them. She was offered big money to sing other than gospel and she refused. Because of Her, the popularizing of Gospel music outside of the Black Church and into the mainstream began. 

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She was a Civil Rights activist and joined Dr. Martin Luther King in some of the most dangerous areas including the Montgomery bus boycott. 

She was present at his “I have a Dream” address and yelled to him “Tell them about your dream Martin” 

It is said that this caused him to go off script and deliver from his heart the words that shook the whole world. 

What an honor to be share namesake with the likes of this Titan of a Wombman! 

Mahala means woman in Cherokee. My Cherokee Ancestry was confirmed this year when i leaned of My Great Great Grandmother, Esther James, a Black Cherokee Indian from South Carolina. This was in alignment and divine order.

Mahaliya is my rightful namesake and i accept it especially in honor/ and on behalf of all of my First Nation blood relations for any and all Sacred traditions, wise ways, ceremonies etc that they were stripped of or could not practice or observe. AHO!

So, I went on to research this name/word further and found various meanings of which spanned all across many cultures including ones I of which  have personal Ancestry and/or great affinity. 

I combined the word with the name The Great African Goddess Osun gave me as my Priestess name at Initiation, “Dara” 

My name is:


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The Power of Love brings me Beauty

ma`ha`lee`ya da`ra

This particular meaning of my name is very dear to me. My capacity to be loving is truly my favorite thing about myself. I put myself through "Love University" (lol) a few years ago and the ability to give and recieve love and the capacity to "do no harm" is just my sincere devotion; to live in my true nature, that of a Love Goddess. I still make mistakes but indeed Loving is my true path and purpose.

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I also had looked up Dara and found a whole host of meanings and origins that i had not previously known. I saw that these words are more than just my own for my personal attribute but point at something greater. They form a “way, a path” that I seem to be both following and creating, being lead into and guided by. 

And so it is with Great Honor that I give to you: 

A Philosophy, a Sacred Path, a Loving Practice, a Lifestyle of Vitality, a Spriritual System:

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Joyous Full Moon and Fall Equinox!

I put together an " Full Moon/ Equinox HOME SEA BATHING RITUAL" 

Today (at the time of this post) is the day of equal day and equal night. Balance. One of the Four Corners of the year. A Seasonal shift. The ideal moment to cleanse and detox and purify as we begin to head into the Womb of the year. The time when the Sun is furthest away and the days are shortest. A still point. The beginning of the descent and the turning inward. As we move into the Sign of Libra, the sign of Harmony and Balance, Beauty and Grace. It’s all connected! 

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