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Womb Goddess:

the Certified Doula & Womb Wellness Practitioner Training Program

a collaboration between AfroGoddess Indigenous Wisdom and The Birth Well

· Wellness

It is with great pleasure and honor that I announce this Certified Womb Wellness Practitioner Program! 

This has truly been a long time coming. Nilajah Brown and I are your course creators and facilitators and i believe that we have been being groomed to bring this offering to you and to the world. 

Nilajah has long been a Birth Worker in our community. Serving as a Yogi and Doula and keeping some of our Indigenous Practices alive such as the Birth Blessinway ritual for pregnan Moms.  She later went on to attend Midwifery school where she earned her title of Certified Midwife. Nilajah used her knowledge, experience and training to craft, create and develop a Doula Certification Program.

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She has lead the charge in our local community in Birth Work and has to date trained scores of Doulas.

Her acclaimed Doula training is what you will experience as a pillar of this Certified Womb Wellness Practitioner Training.

I attended school for Medical Massage and have been Nationally Certified in Therapuetic Massage and Bodywork for 20 years. I am trained in Mayan Abdominal Therapy as well as Pregnancy Massage. I am a Certified Yoga Instructor and have been serving as a self trained Doula for several years now.

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My focus in terms of wellness is on Divine Feminine Vitality and to that end I have developed a Womb Massage a nd Yoni Steam protocol as well as a Womb Yoga practice. My private practice is Womb Wellness centered which is the core of the well being of the Whole woman.

I have designed the Womb wellness pillars (courses) of this program through my years of training, experience, expertise and sheer delight in, passion for and devotion to this work.  

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I hope you will join us on the leading edge in this groundbreaking step toward a return to a more Indigenous Holistic approach to our Feminine Well Being and Whole Goddess Living.


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