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    Divine Feminine Healing~Reclamation~Love

    To provide quality Sacred Experiences toward Soul Force Being, Divine Feminine Wholeness and Joyful Living. Mahaliyadara Honey Shakti Mama offerings are based on a Divine Feminine Indigenous Philosophy, Lifestyle and Culture of Love, Honor, Full Joy, Healing and Expansion of and Devotion to We Womben as the Divine Feminine. In this time of Goddess Renaissance, re-Awakening and rebalancing of Power to a more humanistic model, We, Indigenous Wombmoon, are practicing Responsible Self Awareness and Sacred Self Care through the reclaiming of our Birthright, our Indigenous Wise Ways, our rich Heritage of Divine Love, Spirit Medicine & Optimal Whole Beingness.

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    Iya Yogini MahaliyaDara (Kenya), Love Priestess


    From the Indigenous Peoples of the Cherokee, Blackfoot, Okaneechi and Maharim Tribes of Turtle Island. Dawtah of Mami Wata, Dawtah and Initiated Priestess of Osun and Oya in an Ancient Indigenous Nature Based System of Goddess Spirituality, Certified Womb/Fertility Massage Therapist, Hatha and Kemetic Yoga Instructor, Astrologer, Yoni~Womb Wellness Practitioner/ Educator, Developer and Facilitator of FemBodyBliss Sensual Womb Vinyasa Practice, Reiki Attuned, Sacred Space Activator specializing in Women's Healing & Empowerment, Sacred Movement and Ancestral Healing,

    Developer of Introspective Love Work


    My Work is in applying Indigenous Wisdom and Practical Feminine Mysticism to reAwaken and reInvigorate the Love Goddess within. To bring those I serve closer to living the truth of the Self as Soulforce Being by providing an atmosphere and a system (complete with products and services) which aid in removing barriers to Love and Inner Peace.



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    AstroDivination, One on One Guided Introspective

    Love Work, Abdominal Womb Massage, Ancestral Healing, Practical Feminine Mysticism Mastress Classes, Yoni/Womb Services, Monthly Moon Gatherings, FemBodyBliss Sensual Womb Vinyasa/ Sacred Movement, Sacred Adornment, Waistbeads (Luxury Womb Wellness Beads) Batik Egungun Doll Eardangles & more), PreNatal Massage, Postpartum Massage & Closing, Healing Rituals, Spiritual Cleansing, Spiritual Counseling, Love / Intimacy Coaching, Goddess Crafted Aromatics and Wildcrafted Botanicals, Retreats & Workshops, Goddess Lifestyle Blog

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    Introspective Love Work

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    Yoni~Womb Wellness


    Reiki/ Sound Bathing

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    Arts & Culture

    Handcrafted Adornment

    Goddess Crafted Aromatics

    Goddess Apparel

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