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    Tantrayana Yoga with Iya Mahaliyadara Lotus Osunya

    Satnam and Welcome! I am so excited and honored that you felt lead to come to this page at this moment.  

    Join me on New and Full Moons as well as 3rd Fridays for Yogini Circle and Flow and in-joy FemBodyBliss Sensual Womb Vinyasa and Nubian Soul Kemetic Shakti Uajed Fusion Flow, Sound Healing, Meditation, Discussion, Goddess Marketplace and Sweet Vibes.


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    Meet me at the New Nourish & Flourish for 3rd Fridays!

    4337 Harford Rd.


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    FemBodyYoginiBliss classes are for womben.


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    Registration is Required to attend. I'm offering a 25% off 3 class package which you can find in the registration link.


    Memberships will be available soon.


    The Studio will undergo lite renovation later this Spring to accomodate a few more Yogis Yay!


  • Offerings


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    One on one Private Yoga Classes


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    Book a Yoga/ Wellness/ Sound Healing workshop for your group!

    Coming Soon!


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    Yoga Philosophy Classes Coming Soon!


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    FemBodyBliss Sensual Womb Vinyasa


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    Kemetic Shakti Tantryana Nubian Soul


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    (Wadjet/Kundalini Yoga)


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    Sacred Circle


  • What is FemBodyBliss?

    FemBodyBliss is A Sacred Indigenous Womb Dance Goddess Flow for personal and Ancestral Healing.

    A Yoga, Dance and Soft Martial Arts fusion with elements of Kemetic Yoga, Afro Belly Dance, Afro Modern and Tai Chi.

    Goddess Wisdom

    As an initiated Priestess of Deities Oya and Osun in an Indigenous Nature based System of Goddess Spirituality, I both channel and incorporate Osun & Oya's Sensuality, Healing, and Empowerment. Along with Orishas Mama Wata and Olokun, they all inform and inspire the energy, philosophy and movement of this practice.

    Indigenous Medicine

    Firstly this practice or style is based on the Malasana or Yogini Squat which is a restorative hip opening and strengthening asana/ pose which has been practiced both passively and intentionally by most if not all Indigenous peoples. 

    Music/ Sound Healing

    Classes are set to sensuous music and live Sound Healing instruments.





  • What is Kemetic Yoga?

    Kemetic Yoga is based on postures found on the heiroglyphics.

    Kemetic Yoga puts emphasis on alignment of the vertebral column an spine, the rejuvenation of the entire body and mind and control of the breath.

    Ancient Wisdom

    The Original civilization of India (called Sind) was established by a Nubian peoples called the Dravidians who would have had their knowledge and culture fully in tact when they settled this area. These Dravidians established cities, cultivated the land and lived peacefully with nature.

    Indigenous Medicine

    There is symbology evidencing the presnce of what we consider yoga in Ancient Kemet. Symbols representing, the Crown Chakra (the Sun Disk), Cobras representing the Nadis which according to yogic Science are channels through which Kundalini Energy flow.

    Kemetic Yoga is Unique

    People who are not very athletic or flexible or are overweight or elderly will find this system easier because the emphasis is on flowing and ease of movement rather than how far you can go into a position.

  • What is Shakti Tantrayana?

    Shakti Tantrayana is a the path prescribed for me from my Ancestors and Guides.

    This path has been "popularized" by some mystics but as far as i can tell, I seem to be carving a unique path the includes Wisdom from a few of the Mystical systems that i am a student and initiated Priestess of.


    This is how the Elder Healer Shaman of the Zulu tribe refer to the serpent energy coiled at the base of the spine. The revered Zulu Healer, Credo Mutwa, says that his granfather told him that this fearsome force is the primal source of Sangoma's powers. A sangoma must be able to be summon this umbilini at will through the beating of a drum and through meditation, very very deep meditation.

    Indigenous Medicine

    His Grandfathertold him that he could either reach the ultimate truth that is the full extent of one's mental powers. He told him that he could either do it painfully by depriving myself of food and drink and by causing my body to suffer as much as possible, or i could do it through the medium of joy, happiness and ectasy.

    Osundalini Uadjet

    As an initiated Priestess of Osun (the Divine Goddess of Love, Healing, Fertility and Creativity) and of Oya (The Divine Goddess of Transformation, alchemy and empowerment) I recognize that it is these Yogini that is the blissful and transformational experience that is the rising of Kundalini Energy. I also recognize that Kundalini/ Umbilini is what is experinced as possession, trance and the Holy Ghost.

    More to come...

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    Your Guide

    Iya Mahaliyadara Lotus Osunya