• The Honey Golden Womb Abdominal Massage Technique

    Developed by Priestess Mahaliya Dara (Kenya S. Jah-Afiya Lane)

    Certified Abdominal Womb & Fertility Massage Therapist

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    Promotes Womb Wellness as a compliment to your Clinical Gynecologist care,

    Most womben see their Gyn once a year unless there is disease or infection. Just for a moment consider how much a more preventative approach could assure the well being of you and your loves ones.

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    Addresses Fibroids, Endmetriosis, Infertility and Hormonal Imbalance. 

    Less PMS, Cramps & Constipation

    Clears and Nourishes the Uterus and Abdominal Organs by bringing circulation and fresh blood flow which encourages elimination/detoxification. So many feminine issues stem from poor elimination.

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    Soothes Ligaments and Relieves tired low back and hips.

    Often the pressure we experience in our bodies is due to fallen/stagnant organs and weak flaccid muscles which can lead to poor posture which in turn stresses the organs even more. 

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     Reduces Fat and Bloating

    Dr. John Lee (author of Hormonal Balance made simple) says that hormonal health starts in the digestive system.

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    Preventative for Everyone, not just those who suffer from disease.

    The Overwhelming Positive effects of this warm oil Abdominal Womb Massage cannot be overstated. I recommend receiving these massages at least at the turn of every season.  

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    HoneyGoddessYogini Iya Mahaliya Dara

    is Professionally trained in Comprehensive Massage Therapy for a Clinical Setting including the study of Therapeutic massage and bodywork and anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, medical conditions and the clinical application of Medical Massage.

  • A Full Body Deepening, Energetic, Sound Bathing, Aromatherapuetic, Herbal Warm Oil Massage Experience

    Some benefits of the Golden Womb Warm Oil Massage


    Strengthens the Body

    Induces long restful and undisturbed sleep

    Relieves muscle aches

    Rejuvenates Tissues

    Anti aging for the skin

    Addresses Inflammation

    Supports lymphatic circulation

    Soften skin

    Boosts Immune response

    Promotes wound healing

    Reduces stretch marks

    Emotionally balancing

    Removes physical and mental fatigue

    Increases feelings of well being and comfort


  • The Healing benefits of Warm Castor Oil

    Dr. David Williams, an Alternative Health Practitioner, says that once Castor Oil goes through the skin, it delivers the following effects:

    Increases the blood's lymphocyte count as a result of the oil's positive effect on the lymphatic tissue or thymus gland.

    Enhances Lymph flow all through the body.

    Accellerates toxin removal from the cells.

    Decreases the size of swollen Lymph nodes.

    Improves the overall health and function of all organs.

    Reduces fatigue and depression.

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  • Golden Womb Yoni Steam


    1.) Detoxifies the Uterus✨

    2.) Regulates irregular or absent menstral cycles✨

    3.) Can decrease Menstral flow if there is extremely heavy flow. ✨

    4.) Heals infections especially bladder and yeast and soothes inflammation. ✨

    5.) Balances Vaginal pH ✨💛✨

    6.) Increases Libido due to increased blood flow to the Vagina and clitoris

    7.) Increased confidence and connect to Divine Center and Femininity

    8.) Boosts Immune system and digestive health.

    9.)Rids the body of negative energy associated with trauma.


    Monthly Golden Yoni~Womb Steam combined with a Loving and Peaceful disposition, a weekly Sacred Movement/ Yoga practice, proper nutrition and hydration provide a Great foundation for a Happy Goddess Body ✨ 

    The Mahaladara Lifestyle

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