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    Honey Shakti Mama:

    a Womb Wisdom, Reclamation and Yoni Empowerment Intro Course

    Sacred Wisdoms every Aje/Shakti Calabash holder needs to know

  • Honey Shakti Mama

    a five week deepening and exploration into the Mysteries, Power and Sacred Softness of Divine Femininity. We will meet Each Monday via zoom for 1 hour with additional opportunities for continued discussions and communion in our private FB group.

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    Week 1: Your Womb Story and the Ancestral and Cosmic Womb

    Your Womb as an extension of the wombs through your bloodlines and the extended ties to the Mysteries of the Global Womb and Cosmic Womb Tribe

    Moon Cycles.

    Female Biological Superiority

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    Week 2: Your Womb Awakening

    Archetypes for Womb Healing Awakening and Activation.

    Somatic Womb Therapies. The Yogini Squat. Yoni Womb Yoga, Hooping, FemBodyBliss Your Ori/Womb


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    Week 3: Your Yoni wants Botanicals and Crystals

    Transvaginal absorption.

    Yoni Steam.

    Yoni Oil.

    Womb Wellness Beads/ Waistbeads

    Herbal Pads

    Yoni Eggs

    Shiva Lingam

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    Week 4: Your Womb wants Coze & Support: Warmth, Wrap and Massage

    Sacred Space, Self Abdominal Womb Massage. Womb Sacred Touch. Castor/Herbal Packs.

    The Mermaid Home Sea Bath

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    Week 5: Your Womb as a Sexual Organ

    He's the one my womb loves best.

    Ecstatic Bliss.

    Sacred Sensuality

    Sensual Healing.

    Give her the Beef lol


    Divine Love.

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    Tentaive dates Mondays in April (4/1/2024-4/29/2024)

    Looking forward to seeing you!


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    5 week course

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