• Honey Goddess Golden Womb Yoni Steam™️

    1.) Detoxifies the Uterus✨

    2.) Regulates irregular or absent menstral cycles✨

    3.) Can decrease Menstral flow if there is extremely heavy flow. ✨

    4.) Heals infections especially bladder and yeast and soothes inflammation. ✨

    5.) Balances Vaginal pH ✨💛✨

    6.) Increases Libido due to increased blood flow to the Vagina and clitoris

    7.) Increased confidence and connect to Divine Center and Femininity

    8.) Boosts Immune system and digestive health.

    9.)Rids the body of negative energy associated with trauma.


    Monthly Golden Yoni~Womb Steam combined with a Loving and Peaceful disposition, a weekly Sacred Movement/ Yoga practice, proper nutrition and hydration provide a Great foundation for a Happy Goddess Body ✨ 

    The Honey Goddess Lifestyle

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