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  • The Importance of a Personalized Spiritual Practice

    I guide my students in establishing a personal Spiritual Practice complete with an Ori and Ancestral Alter. This Introspective Love Work System includes, at its core, One on One Guided Introspection (Astrology & Love Technology), Ori (Inner Yogini Activation) and Ancestral work. I have just added weekly coaching calls to support you on your journey!


    Inner Love Werk is a Course in Self Mastery toward Self Awareness and Realization of the Self as an Incorruptible and Indestructible Soulforce Being, Inner Guidance and Protection, Divine Connection, Soul Path Clarity, Inner Serenity and Relationship Harmony.


    Upon completion of the Core Program and Assessment you may take Sacred Mysticism classes to enrich your personal Spiritual practice . All in All this system will help form the basis of the information each will draw from to establish a practice that meets ones specific needs as well as a processes toward Spiritual Realization and Awakening and form the fundamental basis for your personal Spiritual Practice. This will make interacting with and discerning about any other systems or Divinities more clear and hence more useful.


    Core Program

    10 Classes + Ori Work + Egun Work (takes place over 5 month) 1 One on One Session per month

    Total Investment: 1,450 (Paying for Sessions and services ala carte)



    Ori and Ancestor Work require specialized scheduling so please contact me directly.


    Text: (443)915-0571

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    Your Birthchart is the Roadmap of your Soul.

    Get to know yourself and your Soul Path trajectory for clarity and a sense of Divine Purpose.

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    Astro Divination for Baby

    Your baby's inner make up and destiny.

    Get to know your Baby's inner landscape in an intimate way so that you can be the best Facilitator of their joy and destiny's fulfillment.

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    Guided INTROSPECTIVE Love Work

    Explore and Master your Inner Landscape

    These sessions are designed to help each student see themselves clearly and experience their own power, while under a loving gaze.

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    Ori Rogation

    Inner Goddess Uncovering Ritual

    Get "clean and clear" This Work requires an Initial Consultation.

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    Ancestral Work

    Get connected with your Lead Ancestor and your Spiritual Protection

    Get properly connected to/ establishing a reliable means of communication with your Exalted Egun (those in your bloodline who have lived a life of good character). These serve as processes toward Spiritual Guidance and protection. This Work requires an Initial Consultation.
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    Spiritual Guidance

    Intuitive Readings consulting the Osun Oracle

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    Sacred Space Goddess Work

    Because Every Goddess deserves a Temple

    These consultations are designed to assist you in realizing the space of your dreams; be it your home, office or studio. You will feel more at ease and inspired in your new space.

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    Become an Introspective Love Coach!

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    Yoni~Womb Wellness

    Golden Womb Sacred Touch

    Reiki/ Sound Bathing

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