Osun Yhoney Oil (Intimate)

Osun Yhoney Oil (Intimate)

$20.00 - $25.00
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Womb Heart Love- Intimate, Essensual Massage Oil- A Sensuous Botanical Oil to nourish your Heart, Womb and Yoni. This Goddess Osun Blessed Blend is designed to help you in connect with your Divine Femininity, to Release anger, coldness, bitterness and sadness and connect your Yoni-womb to your Heart centre.
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Directions: You can use this Essensual Oil externally for Yoni massage as well as internally to bring harmony and calm to your Yoni bio flora. You can use the dropper to apply the oil directly into the Yoni or place some on a panty liner.

Love and Prayers
Floral infused Olive Oil
Shrine Honey
Proprietary Floral Essential Oil Blend

Priestess Crafted, Goddess Blessed

Handcrafted by an Osun/Love Priestess, Yoni-Womb Healing Protocol Developer, Practitioner and Educator 

Studies show the efficacy of trans-vaginal absorption.
Plant medicinals have been proven to address various disharmonies.
This is not a substitute for Wombcentric Living.

This is not a substitute for Medical Advice or Treatment

Yhoney Clear- Aids in detoxing the Yoni-Womb - Coming Soon!