Shiva Lingam Yoni Egg- For Yoni/Womb & Divine Feminine/Masculine Harmony

Shiva Lingam Yoni Egg- For Yoni/Womb & Divine Feminine/Masculine Harmony

Healing Properties & Benefits of Using the Shiva Lingam Yoni Egg
The Egg’s Main Benefits Are…
To embrace and be healthier with your own sexuality
Help unite opposites like masculine and feminine or body and soul
To allow the user to create their own grounding, stability and strength
Helping to create Kundalini energy
The Shiva Lingam egg is all about unlocking your inner tantric and sexual you.-

"Shiva Lingam Eggs support fertility, sexuality, confidence and balance. They contain both feminine and masculine energies."- sarabrykico
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Is It the Egg for You?

Look into yourself and ask… do you have trouble loving yourself and being comfortable with your inner-sexuality?

The Shiva Lingam egg could be your sexuality’s secret weapon.

The stone represents the energies of the four elements – air, earth, wind & fire. It is the last element, fire, that can help you to unlock Kundalini energy and help you to awaken your inner tantric goddess.

To build on that energy, the egg helps to bridge the gap and build trust in the male sex, so much so that it can align you with your inner masculine powers. This can help to create harmony and balance with your feminine energies, which is excellent for sexual healing.

To continue with your healing by using the Shiva Lingam Yoni Egg, the egg can actually help you to heal past sexual traumas and experiences. By healing and claiming these experiences, you help to align your body and feel more connected with your own sexuality, whilst letting you go of feelings that you have outgrown.

On a physical note, the Shiva Lingam egg can help you get rid of menstrual pain and cramps, as well as anorgasmia. Because the stone can help to balance fluids in the body, it can encourage your body to help with the symptoms of menopause and infertility.

Choose the Shiva Lingam Yoni Egg If…..

If you are feeling confident with Yoni Eggs and you are at the point where you want to get the most out of your sexuality, the Shiva Lingam Yoni Egg can push you to truly embrace your inner sex goddess.

A bonus is an incredible power the stone to allow you to remove negative thoughts or experiences around sex and to find stability and strength in your sexual experiences.